Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Child Care

daycare accounting software

Bookkeeping is designed to help keep track of the money spent on care, as well as generate reports for tax purposes for your daycare. Finally, it’s helpful to know what your budgets will look like as you progress through the school year and into the next one. Accounting software helps you run reports to forecast your budgets and understand enrollment changes so you can fill gaps and always maximize your center’s capacity. Reconciling what bank transactions match up with your invoices is another tedious task that no one really wants to do. Good software fetches information from your connected business bank account and automatically pairs that data with your invoice data. We are committed to maintaining a superior level of customer support and service.

Which software is best for accounting?

  • NetSuite.
  • QuickBooks Online.
  • Sage Intacct.
  • Desktop Pro.
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced.
  • SAP ECC.
  • BlackLine.
  • Intuit QuickBooks.

With simplified access to these reports, you can take more well-informed business decisions. With a simplified reports dashboard, and several other reports, you can stay connected to your finances at all times. Payments can be made directly from invoices in just a few clicks, using debit or credit cards. Click here to get started with a free demo of the Daily Connect childcare platform today. Digital software can show leaders how students are learning and whether or not they’re meeting developmental milestones.

Staff Scheduling, Payroll & Benefits

More than just an app, Daily Connect performs as a complete childcare center management system. Employees and parents can both use this software to communicate, process tuition payments, review each child’s learning progress, and much more. On average, child care centers and programs can save up to 12 hours per month in administrative time spent on billing, invoicing and payroll using Procare’s child care accounting software. That is critical time that can be spend on caring for and educating the children in your care.

daycare accounting software

Parents can easily connect with you to view their family account information and submit updates to their records. Access real-time information across your multiple sites or drill down to the program, site and family levels. DayCare Works™ provides you with a consolidated dashboard to view things like your total number of enrollments, live caregiver to student ratios, attendance and receivables.

Save time and effort

That is why you may want to consider hiring a bookkeeping service to take care of it all for you. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. An online payment gateway makes it simple for parents to set up recurring payments using ACH or a credit card. These online gateways also help with reminding parents when a credit card is expiring. Precision Reports is the credible source for gaining the market reports that will provide you with the lead your business needs.

Hence, optimising and automating the financial processes is not just recommended, but has become necessary in today’s fast-moving world by using a accounting software for daycare business. A childcare payment platform lets legal guardians make instant payments online using their credit card or bank account. Childcare providers can charge payments and late fees, send automatic reminders for upcoming bills, and keep track of bookkeeping throughout the year. Procare understands the importance of your role in managing a center, daycare or school. Get a full understanding of your company finances and make profitable business decisions based on revenue flow.

Add a Center

Having tasks as important as keeping the children in your school safe makes it easy to forget about the bookkeeping tasks. Bookkeeping is important for all businesses, including your preschool, which is why outsourcing might be the best option for you. The key benefit of white label bookkeeping services is that it allows the business owner to focus on what matters most daycare accounting – running their daycare service. White label bookkeeping services allow the daycare owner to be in full control of their finances and business, without having to deal with the everyday bookkeeping tasks. And for children that you receive subsidies for, you can easily pull reporting data that verifies their attendance to package and send to your local authority.

  • Keep track of advance amounts deposited, set up late fee charges, and put a subscriptions model in place using the child care  billing app.
  • Here at Better Bookkeepers, we apply our extensive experience in bookkeeping in San Jose to create custom solutions for each client.
  • You should be able to easily match expenses to the correct line on your tax return.
  • We handle the business administration so you can focus on what matters most – better outcomes for the children in your care.
  • With many years of experience, they have built a robust product with extensive functionality.

Daycare management software with built-in accounting tools brings the best of both worlds. The accounting tools provide what you need without a lot of fluff and automatically and securely share data with the rest of the software—no extra work for you. The software that’s best for your business depends on what it needs to accomplish. For example, some childcare centers need to track staff, student, and class attendance. This doesn’t mean that daycare wouldn’t benefit from the other features; instead, it means that they might not be the most practical for a given business at a given time.

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